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What are the Stages of Spore Game?

What are the Stages of Spore Game?

Spore is an interesting game. As the title suggests, the player controls a species from birth to the end of its existence. This is done through a series of five stages, where the player will need to survive, grow, breed, and occasionally fight off a meteor or other species that threaten the survival of the player's species. 

The game is not a continuous one but broken up into stages where the player will need to beat a set of goals in order to move on to the next stage.

The Cell stage

It is the first stage of the game. In this stage, the player controls a microscopic green blob that can eat smaller creatures to get points for evolution. Players can also attack other players by using the creature's body or fins to attack.

The Creature stage

In the Creature stage, the player controls a creature that can be customized to include a maximum of four limbs (including tentacles, wings, arms, hands, feet, and claws) and four facial expressions.

The player can walk around the island, swim in the water, and fly with the wings. Unlike the cell stage, the player can attack other creatures by using a long-range attack, such as spitting goo, shooting webbing, or a laser beam. The player can also use a short-range attack, such as biting or punching.

 The Tribal Stage

The player will then evolve to the Tribal stage, where he/she controls a tribe that can have up to four creatures. The tribes can have up to eight buildings for the creatures to live in and can have a maximum of four members. 

The tribe's leader is chosen by whoever has the largest hut. The leader then chooses the tribe's name and place for the tribe's home island. 

The point of the Tribal Stage is to gather large amounts of "Sporebucks", which can be used to purchase items from the Spore Market.

The Civilization stage

The Tribal stage is then followed by the Civilization stage. Players are given a town with a number of buildings. The player can control the town's economy and can build spaceships for interstellar travel. 

The player can also create wonders of the world that will attract tourists from other planets, which will give him/her money. It is also possible to attack other nations with the army or the navy.

The Space stage

In the Space stage, the player travels from planet to planet, searching for a new place to live. The player can choose to land on a planet or use the hyperdrive to travel to another star system. The player can also destroy planets and their solar systems by using the hyperdrive. 

You can attack other players in the space stage by attacking their planets and killing their creatures. Once the player finds a solar system to settle in, he can build a spaceship and land on the planet, and begin the Creature stage again.

18 Mar 2021